Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Basted and Quilting Started

I'm making progress. I finished piecing on Monday night and Tuesday night I used batting tape to attach some pieces of batting together to fit this quilt.
Today I basted the layers and started quilting.

All the fabric is Ann Kelle and I'm super pleased.
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Monday, 9 May 2016

Hand Stitching

Thanks everyone for the kind comments from last week. And Lynn - there is a slight odour left from the vinegar, then I rinsed in cold water and it disappeared. And my thread isn't shredding so I'm very happy about that.

On the hand stitching front, I joined a campaign to make quilt blocks to send to people in Fort McMurray who have lost their homes. This one is sponsored by the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild and you can learn more about it here and here. They are asking for 12.5" unfinished maple leaf blocks. I've enlisted the help of Buttons and the Perfectionist as well and we'll pool our blocks to send them together.
I started with these two blocks
I used the freezer paper method and hand appliqued these leaves down. I'm very happy with them. I'll make a total of 4 more blocks, in 2 different styles.

My Winter Wonderland is coming along, slowly but surely. It's getting quite wrinkly - the creases will iron out. The fabric is so big that I roll the stitched portion both to protect it and keep it out of my way.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Just Start Already

I got stalled. I signed up for the Finish Along 2016. That's it. I've made very little progress since then.
I don't know why.

I read a blog post a while ago about just start. Just cut the fabric and turn on the machine.
So, I'm working on that.

This quilt is all cut out and just needs to be pieced. I've made this pattern before and it's pretty simple. This is a gift - for a student at school who is expecting a baby and in great need of supplies for the baby. I know it will be appreciated.

Here's what I've got so far. Next week I'll have more to report.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

I haven't blogged for awhile - I didn't realize how long until I checked my last date.

I have been sewing - a bit - though. I wasn't in the mood or busy for a bit, but I'm back at it again.

Here's the progress on my Winter Wonderland

Sorry it's rotated - it looks fine on my computer, but rotates in the blog.

I'm making progress, just slower than I was. I'm still enjoying it so I keep plugging away.

I looked for something a little more seasonal when I was at the Creative Festival last weekend but I was sadly disappointed. My next hand project will be a La Passacaglia and I'm determined to finish this one first.

I had to buy more embroidery floss. This time I pre-washed it with vinegar, instead of the chemical (retayne) I used before. The thread was bearding a bit and I wondered if it was the chemical. There didn't seem to be any running with the vinegar, so all is well.

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

I`m Playing Too

Sometime in the last month or so I found a hashtag on Instagram that took me to a blogger who is hosting a Finish A Long, with a bunch of other bloggers.

The idea is you make public the finishes you want to accomplish in the next 3 months. For every finish, there are a lot of great prizes to be won. You are entered for a prize for each item you finish - there is no penalty for not finishing an item on your list.

I need a little motivation sometimes, so I decided to play along and now the 2nd quarter (Q2) entries are open.

Here are my plans:

1.  This lovely charm square stack of Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille will become a dresden quilt for my bed. I`ve had this idea in the works for ages but haven`t taken the leap. I`m leaping. There is no pattern, I`m going to make a bunch of dresdens, then scatter them all over the white background and stitch them down.

2. This pile of fabric on the left, along with some from the right, and some from Buttons, will make a quilt for a young woman who is having a child.

The pattern is this one from a magazine (also borrowed from Buttons). I used this pattern last year for another baby quilt and it turned out great and was quick and easy.

I`m only setting two goals. That`s it. That`s all I have in the works that I think I can finish by the end of June, and my goal is to finish.

I think I`ve convinced Buttons and The Edgy Perfectionist to join too.  We`ll see.

I`m linking up, planning for finishes, and hoping for a win.

Sloooooooooooow Stitching

Not slow in a bad way, just slower than I've been going. I've finished the smaller blocks in Winter Wonderland and now I'm into a big block. And I had a very busy week.

This is my progress this week. (And this big block is traced out)

It's the left hand side of a pine tree. On the far left of the top panel

(photo from

This week coming up will be far less busy so I'm hoping to have more to show next weekend.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I Finished!

On Easter Sunday I finished sewing the binding on my Under The Stars quilt.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Some quilting close ups of the borders. I used the snowflakes I used on my HO, HO, HO quilt and added some loop-de-loops in between to join them together.

Around the squares in the centre I went horizontally and vertically row by row, and I went around each gold star.

In the dark blue band at the top I did a simple loop-de-loop again. I also quilted around the snowmen shapes and the big parts of their faces. Without that, they poofed up too much. With quilting the parts, there is much better definition to their faces.

I put a round label on the back that says: "Made by me, for me, then my name and the date".

I'm not sure I'd make this quilt again, or if I'll do another flannel top and bottom. I did like the mix of hand applique and sewn piecing. And the colours grew on my over time. On my current machine, quilting through two layers of flannel and batting was a bit tricky.

I've put this quilt away until next year when I'll bring it out for the couch. I refuse to accept that we have enough winter left that I still need a flannel quilt.