Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Baby Gifts

A beloved secretary at work has just had her first grand-child - a little girl. This baby does not live close to the new grandma and I know she is anxiously waiting to see the new darling. When any baby comes into work G coos and cuddles and talks baby talk in English and Persian.

I made these as a gift for her to take along when she goes to visit her new granddaughter.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

This Cools Me Off A Little

It's hot again outside. It's been hot for a few days - without humidity - today we have some humidity and I don't like it much. I'm fine if it gets hot during the day only if it also cools off at night.

To cope with the heat I'm hanging around inside getting some sewing done.

I've finished this panel. I started it in early April and have been working at it steadily.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments on this panel!

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hand Stitching

I've got some more stitching done on my Winter Wonderland. All the music and snowmen are finished and I'm working my way back across the top to do the snowflakes.

It needs a good pressing but that will have to wait until I'm finished this panel.

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunday Stitching

I'm still making progress on my Winter Wonderland. It's cooled off a bit here, so I don't feel the need to think about winter just yet.

These snowmen are on the far right side of this large panel.

I got some large wonder clips this week and I'm using them to hold the rolled up completed part of the panel. They were expensive but well worth it. My little wonder clips were full of fabric.

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Finished Quilt

I've recently been in contact with a wonderful young woman who is expecting her first baby. She is a teen mom - and she'll be a great one.

A number of supporting adults in her life decided to throw her a baby shower and I decided to make her a quilt. Every little baby needs something handmade. She said she'd like animals, so that's what she got.

I've used this quilt pattern before - it's borrowed from Buttons. It's a quick and easy one with great results.

The fabric is all Ann Kelle - except I think the orange dots are from someone else. Some of this fabric I purchased for this project, but most is from my stash and the stash of Buttons. (Quilty friends are the best).

I did straight line quilt-in-the-ditch, which worked great.

I did have a near binding mishap. I've recently started doing a diagonal seam in my binding, after years of a straight seam to join strips. I like the diagonal better because it reduces bulk. My brain hasn't quite caught up to adjusting the math though.

Here's where I ended up

about 1/2" shy of doing a diagonal seam, so I straight seamed it at the end.

This quilt was gifted on Fri and the mom-to-be was thrilled.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Hand Stitching

It's hot here in my part of the world. It's humid and hot and feels more like July than the end of May.

I don't like this weather much, so I spend a lot of time inside - stitching.

Working on this makes me feel a little cooler.

Slowly but surely I'm getting this large panel finished. I'm glad to be finished all the music lines - they were tedious. At this end of the panel are a few singing snowmen and a tree. Then I'll go back and do all the snowflakes along the top. I've rolled the finished part now to help protect it and keep it clean. It's working, but making it really wrinkly.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Basted and Quilting Started

I'm making progress. I finished piecing on Monday night and Tuesday night I used batting tape to attach some pieces of batting together to fit this quilt.
Today I basted the layers and started quilting.

All the fabric is Ann Kelle and I'm super pleased.
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